Sunday, March 6, 2011

Over the Next 2 Weeks

Hey kittens,

     Before we post this weekend's podcast (and boy oh boy was it a doozy), we wanted to give you an update for the next week's blogposts.

     Ron is off to California to honor the grave of Biggie Smalls (I honestly don't really know what he's doing out there), and I'll be enjoying the slow but steady temperature increase in Chicago. Since Progressively Aggressive will be covering C2E2 in two weeks as full-flegded members of the press core (I gotta go buy some Jimmy Olsen vests!), we'll be stepping up or proverbial "game" on all events covered at the show.

     So, hopefully over the next couple weeks we'll be lining up all sorts of articles, previews and nerdist ramblings to get you psyched for all things Geek, all leading up to 3 day non-stop coverage of C2E2.

So get pumped, people! Ron's gonna dress up like Captain Katherine Janeway! Eh? Get ready for more jokes like THAT.

- Johnny J

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