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Panel Review: Green Lantern

Green Lantern
Panel: Eddie Berganza, Doug Mahnke, Tyler Kirkham, Joe Prado, Ivan Reis, Christian Alamy

As the panel entered, Berganza mentioned right off the bat that the artist panel was near completion on the final issue of Brightest day, to huge applause. it was apparent from the start based on the members of the panel that this would be a discussion on the artwork of the various Green Lantern books.

Joe Prado (Blackest Night, Brightest Day) was introduced first.Prado discussed his overall role in the Blackest Night and Brightest Day series, working as a designer for the characters and symbols, and adding his pencils to the Brightest Day series.

"I got to go crazy", Prado said regarding the redesign of Hawkman, Martian Manhunter and the White Lantern symbol, affectionately referred to as the "pizza symbol".

Doug Mahnke (Batman, Green Lantern) and Tyler Kirkham (Green Lantern Corps) were introduced next,, followed by Ivan Reis (Green Lantern, Blackest Night), who has been working with Geoff Johns since 06'.

Once prompted, Reis elaborated on his experiences at the Green Lantern feature film set, referring to it as "Alice in WonderWorld" (an example of one of the many mistakes he would verbally make). Reis did how fascinated he was by the design process for films as opposed to comics, and the way the material he had been drawing over the past few years translated to the film.

"Sinestro was crazy," added Reis. "because I got to see him in make-up, shorts, and sandals. And an umbrella." Hopefully an image soon to be translated into the comics...
The front screen lit up with the cover image to "The War of the Green Lanterns" to audience applause.

"Geoff never gets tired of events," said Berganza.

Kirkham, the newest artist on the panel, was asked as to how he felt coming onboard with the team. "Intimidating. The world is so large and epic, but it's a really good challenge to come into. I'm still learning all the characters and the worlds, all the alien races, but it was very intimidating. I look at [the other artists] for inspiration, not the same style but keeping the Universe similar."

The question was asked to the panel of how to make the characters and worlds look a little more real. "The construct colors are looking a little bit more like the movies (referring to inverting the colors of the constructs to make them more expressive on the page). It's a lot of fun to see that match up with the CGI in the movies," replied Kirkham.

The topic of the "emotional entities" came up among the panel, and Mahnke was asked how he came up with the character designs.

"Most [of the designs] come from Geoff giving a lot of information, he isn't short on words. There's no lack of clarity."

Each entity was displayed on the main board, to which the audience screamed out the names of each. "I just call them by the different colors. Out of all of them so far, the one that I enjoyed the most is the octopus-like one, then I try to use my thoughts on it. Octopuses are kinda sympathetic."

The other panelists agreed on the Butcher as their favorite entities. Mahnke noted that he enjoyed it because he had so little time to complete the image, and he still felt it came out looking great.

On inking Mahnke's pencils, Alamy quipped "It's a lot of fun, but it's time consuming with all the constraints, especially when you don't want to sacrifice integrity. It's the most demanding job I've had so far."

Before the Q&A opened up, the panel was prodded as to the entity that most represented them.
"Is there a lazy one?" asked Alamy. "I'll pick anger. Or hope. I hope to get a raise." Prado agreed on Hope as well, adding "I always hope we have more time to do the pages."

Ivan noted that he wouldn't be able to choose a color, since his home uses all of the emotional spectrum. "My home has all of those colors. My bedroom is blue. My studio is red, blue and orange, the front of my home is red, and another part of my home is purple. And the toilet is black."

After Kirkham noted he would choose red since it's the opposite of who he is, Mahnke boldly stated "Parralax. Think of the things you could do if you could create fear." This cued the most uncomfortable audience laughter of the panel.

Q & A
Are you going to get more into the Indigo Tribe? ** Windows computer start-up chimes in immediately** Berganza - That would be Geoff Johns telling me not to reveal anything.
Any more Black Lanterns? - Well we did the Tales of the Black Lanterns (audience applause)
Did you guys know that the White Lantern would be taking back the lives of the people it brought back? No. Maxwell Lord is the only one who completed his mission and is still alive, where will we find out why? Not all of them die, there’s a special connection between the ones who’ve died.
When Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns showed up they were villains, but are now anti-heroes. Are we going to see a return to villainhood in their own book? Yes, but they will have a mission, it won’t just be crazy people killing things. It all fits into the next step. 
At the end of the War of GL Prologue, do we know who isn’t going to be a Lantern anymore, and who is your favorite lantern? - Special place in my heart for Kyle Rayner. That doesn’t mean he’s safe, he may not be Goeff’s favorite. Christian - He’s doomed.
What’s your favorite issue of BN/BD? Ivan - The 0 issue of BN because he was starting a big run. Mahnke: The Brightest Day where Aquaman is “killed”
Audience member praised Tales of the Black Lantern Corps, mentioned group suicide scene. Was that kept out because of younger viewer reasons? Not due to censorship, we just ran out of room. Originally the scenes were there, there was about 100 pages per issue, then 79, before it was cut down
Are we gonna see more Saint Walker? Any Deadman ongoing? - Saint Walker definitely, for Deadman keep an eye on Brightest Day that’s all I can say.
Emerald Warriors question - Is the main thing of the War of the GL based on the mind control guy? It’s much more than just mind control. 
Why not a Tales of the Corps monthly, why just Red? Panel asked if crowd was excited for Red Lanterns, crowd cheered. What about a Sinestro Corp book? Louder cheers
Any idea on when we’ll see an Orange Lantern oath? It’s coming.
What’s your favorite oath? Christian - Green Lantern oath in French, recited first line to crowd applause. Panel all agreed on GL oath. Ivan tried reciting GL oath in Spanish but couldn’t remember the words. Admitted that he doesn’t read the comics.

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