Thursday, March 31, 2011

Geoffrey Rush is Tomar-Re

Hey y'all,

I'll have a full post later today, but I need to get this out there first and foremost. I'm not sure I have thoughts on it just yet, but the HeroComplex at LA Times is reporting that Geoffrey Rush (yes, the Geoffrey Rush of "Mystery Men" fame) is voicing the character of Tomar-Re in the Green Lantern movie. So... apparently this movie's still getting made.

PERFECT photo comparison, LA Times. PERFECT!

I haven't seen Rush in too many films, mostly because I don't like period pieces, but what I've seen him in I enjoyed. Hell, he was the only reason I sat through the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Oh, and House on Haunted Hill, he was good in that (yeah, I'm kidding.) So this is pretty exciting news, as I'm familiar with the character of Tomar-Re from the books. I'll be honest, I never pictured Tomar-Re with a slimy Brisbane accent. But the movie can use all the PR it can get, with Thor and Captain America getting sporting the limelight so much right now.

Oh, and Michael Clarke Duncan may be voicing Kiliwog, but that's speculation at the moment. I'm hopeful though, because I really want to see the scene where Kilowog looks at Hal and says "Gimme yo' hand, boss."

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