Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Marvel Heroes Launching: Heroes and Action Galore!!!

Captain America, Spider-man and Ms. Marvel take on Venom

The time has finally arrived. Marvel Heroes is set to make an official launch on Saturday, June 4th. While many of you out there may not be getting too excited about the launch of a Free to Play online video game, the depth and quality of Marvel Heroes is enough to make most change their minds about what to expect from a F2P (free to play) game. With well known video game developer David Brevik leading the way, Marvel Heroes has similar hack and slash qualities to Brevik's earlier projects Diablo and Diablo II.  With the already sound game play qualities of the Diablo series, some overhauled graphics, and a continually increasing Marvel roster to choose from, so far Marvel Heroes has impressed me more than I predicted.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Catching up with Ayres: Christopher Ayres ACEN Q and A

Christopher Ayres at the Anime Central Press Q and A

On Sunday at ACEN we were lucky enough to sit down with Christopher Ayres in the Press Q and A session. Ayres is huge in the American anime scene and has done everything from voice acting to directing, and as we found out has even spent time on Broadway.
His voice acting jobs range from the well known Frieza, in Dragon Ball Z, to Wagram in the video game The Last Remnant. His credentials speak for his skills, and the knowledge he has about what it takes to make it in such a competitive field could be helpful to anyone attempting to participate in the creative process of anime. With that being said, it is always great to get a chance to meet and chat with someone who has impacted the world of anime as much as Chris has.

The questions were asked by members of the press panel, while the answers are Christopher Ayres.

Monday, May 20, 2013

From the Football Field to the Comic's Page: Israel Idonije brings his smarts and creativity to the comic book world.

Israel Idonije and Grant at C2E2

Whether it is sacking the quarterback or chasing a running back in the backfield,  Israel Idonije tends to be an incredibly reliable defender for the NFL’s Chicago Bears.  His passion for football is undeniable, and strangely enough, so is his passion for comic books.  His passion for comics has grown into the creation of a comic book series called “The Protectors.” 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Q & A: Jamie Marchi Part 2 of 2

RonniGuy & Jamie Marchi

The second half of our interview continues about two minutes after Part 1.  In the first part of our interview Jamie compared her experiences in voice acting and writing and gave advice to beginners attempting to break into both industries.  In addition to my fellow contributor Grant, Jason Sackel and Steve Yurko from The Unofficial One Piece Podcast were also in attendance. If you haven't done so already, be sure to check out all the great content on their site.

By RonniGuy

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Q & A: Jamie Marchi Part 1 of 2

What’s the first thing you imagine when you hear the term voice actor/actress?  If you're like me, you probably see an overweight basement dwelling grandma with whiskers.  Something that perhaps re-enforces the idea of “a face for radio.”  On Friday of ACen weekend I got the chance to find out just how wrong I could be by having the pleasure of sitting down with extremely prolific voice actress, script writer, ADR director, and all around smokin’ hot sweetheart, Jamie Marchi (pronounced Markey).  Fellow contributor Grant and I arrived early expecting to compete for our chance to ask questions, but instead found ourselves with Jason Sackel and Steve Yurko representing The Unofficial One Piece Podcast and an ACen press moderator as the only attendees.  As a result, we were given a rare chance to really chat with Jamie on a less formal basis and get a sense of what she must be like outside a convention environment.  Her open and easy going personality made the interview go by in a breeze.  Before we knew it, Jamie had turned the interview around on us and our thirty minute block of time was up. If you are unfamiliar with Jamie's work you can see a complete list on her site.

By RonniGuy
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