Monday, May 20, 2013

From the Football Field to the Comic's Page: Israel Idonije brings his smarts and creativity to the comic book world.

Israel Idonije and Grant at C2E2

Whether it is sacking the quarterback or chasing a running back in the backfield,  Israel Idonije tends to be an incredibly reliable defender for the NFL’s Chicago Bears.  His passion for football is undeniable, and strangely enough, so is his passion for comic books.  His passion for comics has grown into the creation of a comic book series called “The Protectors.” 

With a combination of Professional American sports and super powers, “The Protectors” has the potential to keep readers interested while at the same time partaking in educating young readers on making the right moral choices. Even with such moral messages, “The Protectors” is by no mean a cheesy children’s fairy tale.  
The Super Heroes of The Protectors

Israel’s new passion project places him alongside long time comic book writer Ron Marz.  Marz, known for his work on comics such as Marvel vs DC, Green Lantern, and Silver Surfer, is by no means a new comer to the comic book world.  Attracting a name like Ron Marz to the project definitely gives the impression that “The Protectors” is not just some mere gimmick, but instead is a legitimate project with the potential to stick around in the comic book world for a good run.  

Idonije strongly believes the combination of sports and super heroes is bound to be a hit, despite previous failures to combine the two in the past.  When asked about other comics that have failed to succeed in the past with the combination, Idonije stated  that “first and foremost, we did the story right.  People from a variety of backgrounds will connect and enjoy the core elements of the amazing story of The Protectors.”

With the passion Idonije holds for his new project, it is easy to believe that this project can be met with the same success as Idonije has found on the football field every Sunday during the fall.

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