Friday, March 18, 2011

C2E2 - First Day

Hey my little kittens!

John here, reporting from the Press room at C2E2... yeah, Ron and I feel like a big deal. We've got a lot of great stuff coming in the next couple days, including a round-up from the panels and shows, as well as a whole graveyard full of pictures! Chris Hardwick? Check. Jeph Loeb? Check. Scary, creepy weirdos who come to the show simply to have their pictures taken? Oh God damn, you better believe it.

More to come in a few hours, gotta run to the last panel! Stay tuned! We're going to try and get our first day's worth of podcast done tonight, only 20 minutes, but it'll all equal up to a good time by the end of the weekend. It's like a date that lasts for 3 days! Eh? Ever been on one of those? No? You go on regular dates?

Well fuck you then.

More to come!

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