Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Behold the Majesty of Wonder Woman!

Newsarama has come out with screencaps of some behind-the-scenes footage of David E. Kelley's "Wonder Woman" pilot. Boy, does she look graceful!

Eek! My shoooooes!
A powerful Amazon warrior, fighting against the evil and corruption of modern mankind's Jesus Christ does that look like shit.

Not very warrior-like, is it? Just kinda looks like your mother-in-law performing a dare near Lower Wacker. But there's a couple other things worth noting... take a look at our comparison below;

I honestly liked the original version of the costume, although I still had reservations. I liked the blue bpants with the blue boots, to start. It at least looks a bit more streamlined, like it was designed all in one piece. It also detracts from the poor quality of the actual costume design. It beign rubber and form fitting really didn't hurt either.

The new costume keeps everything from the waist up, but the pants have been tweaked to a darker shade, and look like they're made of cotton... so Wonder Woman's wearing baggy sweatpants... I assume its so she could do her "running across cars" manuevers in the show, but it still shouts "cheap" to me. Plus, the boots have been reverted back to the classic red. It's more traditional, and I for one am always a traditionalist when it comes to comic medium transitions, but it's a two way street. Why not get rid of the pants and go back to the panties? Because it's in poor taste. Agreed. But with that argument settled, you may as well go for broke on interpreting the costume. The blue boots worked. These red, floppy boots with the sweats don't.

Plus Wonder Woman looks terrified and horribly out of breath.

Wonder Woman! Grrrrrr..... ow, don't push!

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