Monday, March 14, 2011

Here is a Picture of Plastic Man and Aquaman Field-Skipping

Because you asked for it! Well, honestly I can only assume that you haven't, or wouldn't if you knew the option existed for you. I'm posting it as a link to Every Day is Like Wednesday, a hilarious blog I follow. Caleb, the mastermind behind the site (and similar Newsarama blog) updates at least once a day (and makes it look easy! I can barely get to this thing every other day...) and is an amateur artist as well.

I'll be honest..... he aint that good. I'm worse, but he aint that good. It's gotten a lot better, and his love for DC grants him a special place in my oversized ape heart that was transplanted inside of me when my human one "crapped out" on me, so I'm posting in hopes that you all will visit his site and show him some love (in the form of nude photographs).

This is just solid gold...

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