Monday, April 30, 2012

Vega to Kirk, Vic Mignogna is Everywhere!

Ronnie Guy and Vic Mignogna at ACEN

When it comes to anime voice actors, few have a list of roles as extensive as Vic Mignogna.  After having shot onto the scene in the 90’s as Vega in Street Fighter II V, there was no stopping Mr. Mignogna from fulfilling a path full of incredibly influential characters in anime.  His role as Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist was so impressive that he received the award for Best Actor from the American Anime Awards.

Vic is not only a great voice actor, he is also an awesome human being who is so grateful for being able to do something he loves while also bringing happiness to so many fans.  At Anime Central(ACEN) 2012 in Rosemont, Illinois, Vic made it known that he was overwhelmed with gratitude for what he has been lucky enough to do for a living.
Being one of the more recognizable faces in American anime, he is not afraid to show how grateful he is by spending the extra time providing handshakes, pictures, and autographs for fans.  This was even more apparent by Vic’s willingness to talk at an ACEN press panel and provide heartfelt and honest answers to any question the press panel could produce.  When asked if he missed being just another random person in the crowd at conventions, Vic respond "I don't miss it. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for what I get to do. I don't ever want to take that for granted."

Having grown up being a a big time Sci-Fi fan, Vick is no stranger to cosplay and had no problem admitting to having spent time creating his own Star Trek uniforms to show off at Sci-Fi conventions when he was younger.  As Vic put it, he understands "that passion [that] fuels you to make that costume or to dress up as characters that you enjoy because [Vic] did it."

Vic Mignogna’s focus does not end merely with his numerous voice acting roles; he is also passionate about numerous different fan productions in which he takes part of.  Currently he is building a replica of the sound stage from Star Trek "the original series- none of that other trash" as Vic put it.  Yes, the one with Captain Kirk.  While the premiere episode of Star Trek Continues will not be shot until October, Vick has plans to premiere a preview of the show for fans within the next couple of weeks.
The cast has already been announced and Vic will be playing the role of Captain Kirk.  With Todd Haberkorn as Spock, Chuck Huber as Doctor McCoy, and the original Scottie actor’s son, Chris Doohan, as Scottie, Star Trek Continues has the potential to be a great fan production.  With the passion that is apparent in Vic, I would not expect anything other then greatness from this project.

It is not possible for me to be more grateful for the ability to sit in on a Q and A panel with someone as legendary as Vic Mignogna.  I was also impressed and refreshed to see that someone of such high status in the industry was so down to earth and appreciative for all the support he receives from his fans.  Without a doubt one of the most impressive aspects of the ACEN community is the willingness of actor, writers, musicians, and directors to make themselves available to fans eager to ask questions and take pictures.

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    Starship Farragut and its business partner has sadly become a poison in the Star Trek community, fan film or otherwise.

    I'm not saying that Star Trek fans are all bad. There are some really cool Star Trek fans that I have met over the years who live excellent lives and work in very respected professions. Even in major career fields.

    I'm only criticizing the 'dark side of Star Trek fandom, fandom in general' and the negativity that it brings with it. Negativity caused by those who abuse such power for unconstructive, and often fanatical, purposes. Let alone those who don't practice what they preach concerning the philosophy of I.D.I.C. and Star Trek in general.

    All that aside, the very idea that Star Trek Continues is being made out of spite and some personal vendetta against the hard working people at Phase 2 is just illogical(no pun intended)and downright disgusting. If Gene and Majel Roddenberry were still alive, they would no doubt be saddened and outraged by such foolish behavior. What really gets me is that Kim Stinger(a Phase 2 veteran)and the late James Doohan's son Chris is involved in this farce of a carbon copy/bastardization of a fan film. Another thing that gets me is the apology made by the business partner on the Starship Farragut facebook page, for them taking the heat in the issue. If he was sorry, then he would not have done what he had done in the first place. Let alone Farragut Films' direct or indirect involvement in the situation. Given Farragut Films' predilection for 'claiming innocence' and the evidence of last month's actions concerning the unauthorized release of Kitumba and other issues, the odds are certainly NOT in their favor(i.e. Farragut Films and their business partner). If they had chosen to stay neutral in the matter, they could have made that known, and spared themselves a lot of heat and headaches. That would have been understandable.

    And that is not spreading hatred or venom, or cyberbullying, or any other spite as some unbalanced people would state. It's simply stating an opinion and referring to a fact that was, unfortunately, brought out into the open forums, as the aforementioned links will explain.

    If Farragut Films and its people can't handle any criticism, then they are certainly in the wrong business. The way I look at it is this. It's no different than the negative remarks that some Star Trek fans have made about J.J. Abrams, concerning the 2009 prequel reboot.
    Having read, heard, and spoken with both sides on this Star Trek Continues issue, I can only state the following:

    Personal vendettas and hidden agendas does not a good fan film make. All it does is prove that the people behind it have stooped to an all time inept, fatous, and inane low. As the character of Major Charles Emerson Winchester, III from M*A*S*H would say, 'they have turned something special into a fetid, festering, pernicious sewer/pigmire, with their thrice daily swirl'.

    While it is no secret that there are tensions and rifts between Star Trek fan organizations, one would think they could find some common ground, given the fact that they share a common interest. This type of inexplicable behavior still doesn't make sense.

    As the Vulcans would say' 'to expect sense from mentalities of extreme viewpoints, is not logical.'

    I think that Klingon Chancellor Gorkon summed it up best. "I see that we have a very long way to go."

    To quote what Bill Shatner said in his infamous Saturday Night Live skit from 1986 to a group of fanatical fans, "Get A Life, will you! It's just a T.V. show!"


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