Friday, April 13, 2012

Nerdist Channel Sneak Peek! C2E2 2012

-Mike Gallagher

One of the best parts, in my opinion, of C2E2 2012 was not just the Nerdist kickoff, but a video that Chris Hardwick shared with the loyal group of fans (and press) that attended. As announced by Chris himself in a letter to Nerdist faithful, the new channel on YouTube is going to have plenty for we nerds to drool over daily. I know I'm most looking forward to Weird S#!t From Japan, and Comic Book Club, but let's face it, I'm going to love all of it and so are you.

So what should we expect to see? Don't ask me, take it right from Chris' fingers:

"'How would I have programmed G4?' was the first question I asked when presented with this YouTube opportunity. I sincerely hope you like the results."

We do too Chris, we do too.

Until next time folks,


SIDENOTE: Sorry for the shaky filming, I was right up against the stage and it proved extremely difficult to get everything in the frame of my iPhone

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