Thursday, April 12, 2012

General PVP tips in MMOs

1. Play as often as possible.  Although it's cliche, practice does make perfect.  I find every time I log back on it takes a few matches for me to get in the zone.  The more frequent you play, the more second nature your gameplay becomes.
2. Do your research.  Study up on the different types of classes you will be going up against.  Know their abilities and the cool downs they have to wait for.  By knowing their mechanics you can anticipate their moves and know which of your abilities to use against them and when.  I find official game sites can give you the basics of class roles, but you should be reading forums and watching gameplay videos of your class as well.  Make sure you follow their attack rotations as well as how they react to different encounters.  By doing so, you can see which are successful and which should be avoided.  Be sure to also read up on how to correctly allocate talents and what stats to stack.  This often differs by class, build, and type of gameplay (PVE or PVP).
3. Duel your friends.  It can improve your one on one game and can provide honest feedback.
4. If you can, record matches to analyze later on.  See where you make mistakes and find strategies that consistently work.

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