Saturday, April 14, 2012

C2E2 2012 Saturday Photos!

-Mike Gallagher
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Hello again everyone, we're excited as always to bring you the latest goings at C2E2 2012. The pictures are up, make sure to check them out right here! The Con floor sure was a lot busier today, with TONS of Cos Play action! Artists Alley is packed full of talent, as usual, and we're so excited to bring you our first exclusive interview of 2012. Look forward to our chat with Nate Cosby, former Marvel editor who's overseen some pretty amazing projects including Spider Man, Hulk and the Eisner Award-winning The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, to name a few. Keep an eye on the site for more content from today's coverage, and be sure to click 'Like' when you're looking through the pictures on the Progressively Aggressive Facebook page.

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