Sunday, January 9, 2011

Season of the Witch Update!

Nicholas Cage battles the
patience of the audience
No, I still haven't seen it yet. I might just wait until it comes out at RedBox, and then I'll just walk around burning all of the RedBoxes.

Earlier in the week we had listed Nicholas Cage's movies from 07' to 10' and their overall Rotten Tomatoes reviews. Well, the votes are in, kids! Season of the Witch has earned......

A 4%!

My favorite quote from the selection of reviews; "Even an actor like Nicolas Cage cannot elevate such a disappointingly anachronistic and incoherent religious epos."

Yes, even the great Ghost Rider couldn't pull this turd out of the toilet without getting his hands stinky! I'd like to think the movie is an aborted brother-fucks-sister cinema abomination because of Cage, not despite his best efforts.

But at least we'll have one thing come out of this Epoch Fale (that's old English speak), and that's the obvious porn parody. I'll be on pins and needles for the upcoming "Pleasin' of the Bitch".

Pins. and. Needles.

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