Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Spider-Man Photo

Spiderman walking home
from school. I'm assuming.
I mean, he's got a backpack
on, for God's sake.


Hey my little kittens, John here. So I hate to say it, but this looks really awesome. Like, really really awesome. When I picture what Peter Parker would look like as a real person, this is kinda it.

So as much trash talking as I did in the last post about how "teen angst-ish" this movie was beginning to look, this photo set up a complete 180. Things that show promise;

1) They got the age right: At least from an Ultimate Spider-Man perspective, this is teenage Peter Parker to the T. No 30 year old Toby Maguire mugging up the screen with his gigantic eyes and fat, fat cheeks. We get it Toby, you're really sad all the time!

2) The costume quality: Not to say that the last costume was bad at all, because it wasn't. It really did look impressive (with the exception of the mask). I can only hope that the mask used in this movie will improve on the previous attempt.

3) They've got the mood right; Peter Paker's life kinda sucks all the time, right? I don't read Spider-Man a lot (or at all), but I do know that Parker has typical teenage problems, but since he's just some kid it's all he knows, so he can get bummed out by things like getting turned down at the dance (I'd be all, Fuck you bitch I'll go dance by myself, fo' sho!). I'm happy that this is giving the impression Spider-Man just got his ass handed to him, cuz powers or not he's just a kid.

That's all for now, kitts! Tune in this weekend for another exciting J&R podcast!

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