Friday, January 21, 2011

Catwoman and Bane Announced for Nolan's Batman Movie

 Chrisopher Nolan announed on Wednesday the news we've all been waiting months for. The villains in the upcoming Dark Knight Rises have not only been chosen, but cast! Tom Hardy, who was announced as cast in the movie several months ago (although no role was attached) is now playing Bane. Anne Hathaway, who's best known for such roles as "Whatever Movie She's In Where She Whips Her Jugs Out", is now slated to play the role of Selina Kyle, Catwoman.

I for one am all for Anne Hathaway playing Catwoman. She's a talented enough actress that it won't simply be a "be hot and purr seductively every once in awhile" kind of role (although I'm hoping there's a good amount of that in there), and I'm confident enough in Nolan's script that we won't have a Halle Berry fiasco on our hands (have you seen that movie? Good lord, it's just Catwoman vs. Sharon Stone, just strange...).

I do hold a little bit of concern for the choices, however. Nolan's Batman franchise steers away from any "fantasy" elements that may exist in comics. His movies are making a character like Batman believable, and showing how someone like that would exist in the real world. I don't see how many dimensions can be pulled out of a "sexy cat burglar" or "roided up luchador". But I do like the actors chosen for the roles.

Hardy can get beefed up (go watch the movie Bronson) if he needs to, so I'm not expecting cheesy bodysuit, but the characters do lead to speculation as to how they'll be used in the film. Some sites are speculating that Bane will be taking over the League of Shadows, and will attempt to take over Gotham by force. that idea makes a lot of sense, because it would then open the door for a character like Catwoman, an "opportunistic" quasi-villain if nothing else, to be believable in Nolan's Gotham.

Christopher Nolan does go for the odd choices in casting though, doesn't he? I was part of the majority that thought Heath Ledger would be an awful Joker, and an Oscar win later we were all proven wrong. Anne Hathaway's got a good mix of "classy filth" that's pretty much the summarization of Catwoman's character. I've only seen Tom hardy in Inception and Bronson, but they're completely different roles and he's proven himself to be a pretty versatile actor.

I would have liked to have seen Black Mask in the film. Hell, we could've picked up Halle Berry for that role too (raciiiiiism)!

Either way, with Hathaway's track record of "boobage", she'll at least look good in the part.

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