Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Big Daddy!

- John J

I wanted to touch on a group of folks at AnimeCentral on Saturday that JRAggressive ran into, and their amazing costume. We didn't get their names and it's a damn shame, because they were a great group of kids and their conception of their costume was absolutely fantastic.

Avert your gaze if you're not used to such iridescent brilliance, and please be sure to pucker your B-pipes for the majesty that is... "Big Daddy" from BioShock.

The entire project took a total of 9 months, and the suit itself is made up of at least 6 pieces. There's wires that connect each piece to another, and Christmas lights in the mask that light up the glass in the helmet. Even the drill on the right arm is connected to a battery that makes it work! It really is an awesomely "aggressive" idea and I thought they did an amazing job.

(Little side note here, but the "Little Sister" in these shots is actually a little boy. Way to dedicate yourself to the cause, my brotha.)

The worst part is that these guys weren't allowed to show off their costume during the "Masquerade" later on that day. When we asked, we were told that because it was an American video game they were ineligible. We didn't think that made a lot of sense.

Well it turns out that it was nonsensical because it wasn't true. There were two other Big Daddy costumes that were displayed during Masquerade, so it may be something as simple as they already had two Big Daddies and they didn't need a third. That makes a bit more sense.

I have to give props where props are due though, and this costume was awesome. I do feel bad for the girl who was inside that beast though, because I'd have to assume she's going to have degenerative disc disease by the time she's 30.
Way to go, you guys! I want to see a full sized "Mighty Joe Young" next year, and I wanna see a "old enough to look tired" Charlize Theron to go with it.

Charlize Theron looks tired, doesn't she? Poor, poor Charlize Theron.


  1. Found it! That's me in there! My name is Indigo. Thanks for helping me and taking all of the great pictures. I greatly appreciate it. :D

  2. Hehe- found this too! (I'm Allie- the Suigintou cosplayer and the only one looking at the camera in the first pic)

    I find it kinda amusing you made it sound like we all worked together to make the costume-but that wasn't quite the case. We were just the assembly crew-Indigo was the one and only mastermind.


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