Wednesday, May 18, 2011

AnimeCentral and Other News

-John J

Hey everybody.

So we're going to AnimeCentral this weekend to see Asian stuff! I personally am not involved in the Anime scene in the slightest, but Ron is. So we're gonna go cover it! All for you!

We'll be bringing you updates throughout the weekend on the Soap Bubble Rave, Naruto and Bleach fan panels, Cosplay Masquerade, and my first experience with something called "Pocky".

I've Googled what "Pocky" is, and apparently it's some sort of delicious treat. So I think I'm okay with trying it. I don't know why, but it seems like when someone brings up "experimenting with insert Asian fad" I assume that there's going to be something that makes me feel guilty and physically uncomfortable.

This is Pocky. Looks like an inverted anus.
 In other news, Progressively Aggressive is attending the Midnight Showing of "The Room" at the Music Box Theater (if you've never been there it's amazing). I'll be sure to have a review up early next week, because obviously we want to put all our weekend effort into the con coverage.

And I promise you. I will bang an asian girl in a space-ninja costume this weekend. Look for incredibly offensive pictures of the activity over the cumming days (eh? EH?)

Visit the Anime Central site at

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