Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ron's Video Game Roundup

So with all of the buzz surrounding E3, I decided I would share with all of you some of the games that I'm excited for.  These aren't necessarily games just announced, or only games that hold the spotlight at E3, but instead just a simple collection of game trailers that have me willing to starve for game money.

First off is the new Tomb Raider.  For me this collection of games has been hit or miss, but this cinematic trailer has me thinking they'll deliver.  Apparently, this game is to be a prequel and takes us on the adventure that turns Lara Croft into a genuine Tomb Raider.  Also, from this cinematic trailer it appears that Lara is a bit more anatomically proportioned, a fact that might have some distressed.  Maybe the story will include her using all of the riches she finds to afford a barbie doll boob job.  One can only hope...Video credit to IGN.

Next up is another cinematic from E3 for Hitman: Absolution.  I have to say, I love their entire series of games.  How many games actually give you kudos for NOT filling your screen with bodies?  The stories were always compelling, and you could complete a level in a whole slew of different strategies.  From this trailer alone the game looks better than the box of crap the movie was, so I'd say it's got potential.  Video credit again to the folks at IGN.

Check out the rest of the previews after the jump!

Below is a trailer for the game I am most excited for, Batman: Arkham City.  The last game was amazing and broke the spell of continual disappointment in super hero video games.  From what we've been shown so far, it's obvious this game will continue the trend of improvement set by Rocksteady.  Everything about this game -  from the free roam to voice acting - has me all sorts of giggity for it's release.  Plus, how can you top the inclusion of a playable Catwoman?  (Simple, include a playable Dick Greyson....more on that some other day.)  Video credits to the official site -

This next cinematic trailer was released in 2010, but when searching through the hundred trailers for this game it still holds up as the best (without all of the developers explaining every action in game.)  The release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic has been something of an enigma and even in G4's E3 interview, they will only state that the game will be released this year.  I'm timidly excited because I've been waiting for this game for over two years now.  Partly this worries me, but I get some sort of comfort from the length of time because it leads me to believe they will not release this game until they have it right. As any MMO player will tell you though, these games are ever evolving and no MMO is truly ever complete even after the world is populated.  I've demoed a handful of MMOs since playing World of Warcraft and none to date are good enough to make me leave the Blizzard camp.  If there were one it would this game, as I've always been a huge Star Wars fan.  Then again, I said that about Star Trek Online and look how that turned out! (Boo Hiss.)  Video credit to IGN.  Be sure to check out the official site for updates and a ridiculous amount of media -

For this next game I freely admit I am not 100% qualified to speculate on as I did not play the original.  That being said, this game looks fraking sweet.  Alice: Madness Returns is a sequel to American McGee's original Alice.  From what I've seen in game play trailers and have read in pre-release reviews, the game play doesn't look bad and the in-game world is dark, beautiful, and as trippy as you could possibly imagine.  I especially like the Steampunk-esque take on the Mad Hatter's section of the world.  This game is set to be released June 14th.  Did I mention that this particular trailer might give you nightmares?  Consider yourself warned. Video credit to IGN.  Be sure to check out their official page for all sorts of interactive goodies -

Last but certainly not least is Bioshock Infinite.  From the trailer we see that they've left the city of Rapture behind for a city in the sky.  The game environment looks amazing and game play looks truly unique.  They added this crazy mode of transportation in the game where you can zip line from platform to platform.  The whole thing gives off a Steampunk vibe (clearly, I'm a fan of such things) meshing newer tech with a kind of industrial era feel.  Video credit to IGN.

Well, that about wraps it up for the games I'm anticipating.  If you have any others that get your pockets tight, or if you just blatantly dissagree with the awesomeness of the above videos, send your thoughts suggestions, etc to  Much love to IGN to having the majority of these videos on their YouTube site!

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  1. Bioshock is a game that scares the shit out of me. I feel like paranoid freak because you never know when and where something is going to attack you. I find myself doing the bobble head lol.


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